Nine-Pack (12oz size) 3-Day Cleanse - Kale Power is Life Power

Nine-Pack (12oz size) 3-Day Cleanse

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Nine (9) 12oz Bottles of Kale Power 

9 Packs are great for stocking your fridge with nutritional peace-of-mind.  Each 12oz Kale Power smoothie gives you a mega-dose of whole food nutrients from real food: green veggies, fruit, chia seeds, and superfoods.

Great for families wanting a daily health ritual ready to grab and go!

Try as a 3-Day Cleanse by drinking 3 bottles per day for 3 days: For best results, drink one for breakfast, one for lunch, one as a snack, and then eat a healthy, clean dinner. This is not a ‘juice fast’ or ‘starvation cleanse’, so eating a *healthy dinner is important. 

Check our blog for easy *healthy/clean dinner recipes.

Flavor Choices: Our original Tropical Joy, Tropical Protein, Love Beets All, or get all three flavors! 

No added sugar, high in protein, high in fiber, vegan, non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free 

Calories in each Meal Size 12oz bottle: 

  • Tropical Joy - 160 calories
  • Tropical Protein - 160 calories
  • Love Beets All -100 calories

For more nutritional insight, see our Why We're Different Page!

Perishable Kale Power is shipped frozen to all states, except *California, via USPS Priority 2-day/3-day mail for safety. Orders usually arrive within 3-4 business days from your order date. 

*California shipments get overnighted fresh (not frozen) via FedEx and are shipped Monday through Thursday for Tuesday through Friday delivery. That means CA orders received Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be shipped on non-holiday Mondays. Orders usually arrive within 1-3 business days from your order date.